Can you turn fat into muscle?

04 Mar

Can you turn fat into muscle?No. It’s misinformation. Don’t know where it started but people truly believe if they workout, their fat will turn into muscle.

They are two very different things. – Muscle grows and shrinks – Fat can come and go. Now you can grow muscle and lose fat simultaneously. But your fat does not transform into muscle.

When you workout and increase your protein intake, you will build muscle. (And no, not turn into a bodybuilder 🙄) But rather, you’ll put on a normal amount of muscle. Which is super important in being healthy.


So where does your fat go? Well believe it or not, you breathe it away. That doesn’t mean that if you stand in a corner panting away that you will shed all your weight (you’ll just get lightheaded and pass out).

Exercise and proper nutrition is the ultimate Dream Team. It’s why strength training is so important regardless of your goal. Your muscles need to work to grow and become stronger, which in turn will help burn fat away.It’s why your goal shouldn’t just be to lose weight, but to also get stronger.

Your muscles play a significant role in keeping you healthy. So it’s important you don’t neglect them. Who else has been told that fat can turn into muscle?

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