I want to share with you how to create good habits and how to break bad ones.

James Clear refers to making good habits as The Laws of Behavior Change. Here’s how it works – 

Create a good habit:

  1. How can I make it obvious?
  2. How can I make it attractive?
  3. How can I make it easy?
  4. How can I make it satisfying?

The above is how to create a good habit. Breaking a bad habit is the same thing, but in reverse.

Breaking a bad habit:

  • How can I make it invisible?
  • How can I make it unattractive?
  • How can I make it difficult?
  • How can I make it unsatisfying?

Let’s say you want to start exercising after work and, for the sake of the example, you work from home.

How can I make it obvious? You could have your workout clothes set on your desk to serve as a visual reminder.

How can I make it attractive? Working out will let me blow some steam off before diving in with my family.

How can I make it easy? I have a workout to follow that (your name) gave me *cough cough* that I just have to pull up on my phone and follow along.

How do I make it satisfying? I get to check off that I completed the workout in the app and then I can post about it in the Facebook group for additional support. After I workout 10 times in a row I’ll buy myself a new fun workout tank.

It just takes a little self awareness and planning – being proactive instead of reactive.

What positive habit do you want to create?

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