What We Offer

We are committed to providing absolutely unique and customized online coaching to each and every one of our clients. We stay true to the promise  — to give you winning service that will help you reach your goals. 


Online Coaching with Alpha Expat

I never thought I’d shed the covid weight and get toned.  Three months later and I’m slimmer and getting more toned by the day. The custom, home fitness program and online coaching from Alpha Expat kept me on my toes. I look forward to my future fitness adventures with Alpha Expat.  

– James F.  CA, USA


Welcome to a world-class fitness experience. Our team specializes in providing online custom training programs, nutrition coaching, and accountability sessions. 

We will help you achieve your fitness goals – whatever they may be, taking your lifestyle and location  With dedication and professionalism, we help you achieve the body that you’ve been dreaming about.



All the benefits of a personal Personal Trainer without the high price. We create customized workout programs that focus on your core areas, then try one of our personalized training classes.

Nutrition Online Coaching

We help you track your diet, set goals,  and offer nutritional tips, tricks, and recipes to keep your transformation on track. 


It’s easy to take some half-hearted steps towards changing your body.  At Alpha, we hold you accountable. Through our app, we can monitor your workouts and nutrition – and will follow up with calls to keep you honest and on track. 





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